UX Process- Government Portal

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The City of Tallahassee needed an urgent portal redesign. The government tool had been created without any planning, site architecture or information design, and it grew to be a mass of links, documents and information basket where everybody added content randomly, making it very difficult to use and find anything.

In the discovery phase there was a complete analysis of the current portal structure, including departments, document repositories. Technical information like page layouts, master pages and custom web parts were also accounted. Meetings with the department content administrators and stakeholders allowed to gather current state, issues, requirements, Establishing the strategy and task list to best accomplish goals and objectives, revise specification document to include proposed enhancements, determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project.

Strategic Planning:

  • Conception of the main goals of the redesign along with a detailed description of the work to be performed and the expected benefit.
  • Creation of the solution and design requirements to meet the main goal
  • Preparation of detailed charts and wireframes showing the contrast of the current portal to the proposed portal redesign, their features, the technologies that will be implemented, etc…
  • Optimization of user pathways, and descriptions of the audiences using those




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